things unseen

With this year’s TEDx event, we explore the theme “Things Unseen”.

Every day we go about without giving regard to the little things that build our ethos.  We can be so consumed with “the big picture” and constant upheaval that we live with things unseen.  There are many things that influence what we do and why we do it.  They can be in the form of tangible or intangible forces that influence our lives, our culture, our beliefs and our environment.  

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Often times, these things go unnoticed or are taken for granted, yet they can be some of the most impactful things in our day-to-day lives. For instance, what lies beneath someone’s facial expression or demeanor? What drives a community or culture to be the way they are?  What is the catalyst behind ground-breaking research that is hiding in the back of a laboratory?  What makes seemingly ordinary people extraordinary?  Why do some extraordinary people feel they are not? Or, what drives the development of certain technology that may or may not be toward the betterment of society? They are simply, “Things Unseen”.

Our Speakers:


Bonnie Jin

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Erika Knorr


Other speakers to be announced soon!