recruitment 2019

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our 2019 recruitment

Questions (Q) and Answers (A)


(Q): What level of Japanese/ English do I need?

(A): Depends on each team:

  • Sponsor: business English, business Japanese

  • Speaker: business English, conversational/business Japanese

  • Design: conversational English, no Japanese ability required

  • Marketing: conversational English, conversational Japanese

    All meetings are held in English and our main language of communication language is English.  (teams such as sponsor team might require a little more Japanese) but overall conversational level English/Japanese. 

(Q): How busy is it?/ How often are meetings held?

(A): Business depends on the team, however meetings are usually held once a week. Tasks are assigned at the meetings and the tasks are meant to be done before the next meeting. Some teams may be busier than other teams during certain times of the year. Overall, most teams are very busy from April to June leading up to the main event. 

(Q): What do you guys do?

(A): Our main task is to plan out and hold our main event once every year- usually held in July, and also a Student Speaker Competition (SSC).

(Q): I’m a fourth year, can I join?

(A): Yes, of course!! However, freshmen (first years) may be given priority.

(Q): Do you open recruitment in April too?

(A): Most years we only recruit in September, however this year we might do one in April (to be announced).

(Q): I'm from another university, can I join?

(A): Yes, universities from greater Tokyo area are welcome to join.

(Q): Do I have to make a TED talk speech?

(A): No. If you’re on the team you don’t have speeches. Only speakers give speeches.

(Q): How many people are in TedxWasedaU?

(A): Around 34-40 people. Speaker has around ~10, sponsor ~10, design ~5, marketing ~10 members.

(Q): How many people are you looking to recruit for this year?

(A): Around 1-3 per team. Each team is looking to recruit a different amount of people, so there may be a small range.

(Q): I want to ask more about a particular team. Who do I ask?

(A): Our core team members are made up of the team leaders and internal affairs. Please send an email to and we’ll redirect you to the right team member.


 Meet the team


Speaker Team

Group 7.png

Speaker Team conducts correspondence between the invited speakers, guiding them through the logistics of script writing as well as working alongside them on preparing for their speeches. We serve as a liaison between the TEDxWasedaU team and guest speakers in order to achieve a smooth experience as we approach the main event.

Finance Team

Group 7 Copy.png

Finance Team’s job is to secure and maintain the sponsorships to fund our event and also to manage the budget to sustain free cash flow. We has been in a partnership with partners such as Coca-Cola, DMM, Discovery Channel, Event Regist, Mojo and Garage Waseda. With the support from our partners, TEDxWasedaU was able to hold successful events. These partnerships has allowed us to positively impact each other with embracing cultural diversity and providing opportunities to exchange, share, and spread ideas.

Marketing Team


Marketing Team works closely together with Design Team to achieve brand awareness and ticket conversions for TEDxWasedaU events. We create and execute innovative marketing strategies on all SNS platforms, handle the TEDxWasedaU website, and deliver creative offline events to the local and academic communities. In Marketing Team, we strive to deliver “Ideas worth Spreading” to our audience and fans throughout Japan.

Design Team

Group 7 Copy 3.png

Design team creates the "face" of TEDxWasedaU. Not only do we create event posters, we also film videos and design pamphlets to promote our events to the public. Our goal is always to communicate the content of TEDxWasedaU using various medias, and make them as visually pleasing as possible

Internal Affairs

Group 7 Copy 4.png

Internal Affairs (IA) is a small team that consists of seasoned individuals who’s main role is to work closely with the core team to facilitate communications within every team. They are responsible for building team coherence and producing transparency within all teams. Being close to the core team, IA members help make decisions, bring innovative ideas onto the table and assist in producing a successful event year after year. In Internal Affairs, we strive to pursue a seamless sense of teamwork and help each other grow.