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We all have unique, untold stories that we don’t share. From our closest friends to the person you met the first time you saw on the train this morning, there are things that we keep to ourselves, but never tell anybody. This is a safe space for you to share your story, and we will post them anonymously here. Spread ideas/messages/confessions worth sharing.






[My confession is…] that I love life and friends

(06/20/2019 23:14)




I am lost.

(06/21/2019 14:54)




I stay busy and preoccupy myself with a lot of responsibilities because I'm insecure about my existing capabilities.

(06/21/2019 16:55)




I once told my dad that I didn't want to go to college and just live in the woods and have a chill life. He then replied me "how would you feel if u cant afford to have dinner with your friends later on in life."

This reply is one of the largest motivation I have till this day.

(6/28/2019 18:42)




Someone stole a part of me that I can never get back

(6/29/2019 06:06)




I hate how people only judge me by outer appearance, degrading me to just “pretty”

(6/29/2019 06:11)




I don't want to be an "another" salaryman. As I am about to graduate from college soon, being stuck in Japan terrifies me. As much as Japan taught me so much, I hate how my options are limited just because of visa problems. It's terrifying.

(7/5/2019 16:19)