Whether we’re listening to a good song, reading a good book, or interacting with friends, emotions are always present in our lives. As symbiotic beings, we have defined society as much as it has defined us. Nowadays, everyone seems to crave constant emotional stimulation provided by technology-- on one hand, with the proliferation of social networking services, we feel inevitably connected and closer to our loved ones. But on the other hand, these relationships can feel disconnected and superficial. To further comprehend this subject, TEDxWasedaU presented E-motion: an insight into the real connection of one’s emotions to technology. E-motions structure our lifestyles, and are at times expressed through technology. E-motions have the power to be expressed, are shared and connect people intimately or superficially.

Date: June 25th, 2016
Venue: Azusa Ono Memorial Hall, Waseda University